In 1925, a group of interested citizens met to form a park district and selected a parcel of 21 acres in the center of the Village of Dolton. This land was owned by Mrs. Matthew VenDersen, and her asking price was $3,000 per acre.

The Village of Dolton had a population of 2,300. Mr. Fred Waterman, owner of approximately 200 acres of land incorporated as part of the Village of South Holland, requested that this area be included in the boundaries of the park district. The name selected was the Dolton Park District.


Petitions were circulated for signatures to hold an election to establish the Dolton Park District. The new Board of Commissioners took office on May 1, 1927. The Dolton Park District was incorporated as recorded on July 27, 1927.

Dolton Park District Commissioners Building was the first building in the Dolton Park District and was used as the Administration Building for Commissioners.


The West Garage was constructed to hold all lawn maintenance equipment for the Park.


The Main Field House Banquet facility was built.


The New Administration Building was built.


Shaw Recreation Center was built which holds our Gymnasium, Fitness Room, Piano Room and Dance Room.


Dolton Park District’s LEED Gold Early Learning Center was built.


The Park District launched a new and improved mobile-friendly website.


The Administration Office was renamed to the Allen T. Sheard Administration Office to honor retired Commissioner Allen T. Sheard.

The Main Field House was renamed to the Lester L. Long Field House to honor former Commissioner Lester L. Long Sr.

The Brick-by-Brick Campaign commenced with an installation of a bench honor former Commissioner and current Secretary/Treasurer Mark H. Kiel.


Triangle Park adopted by Dr. De’Andre L. Rucker.

Now known as Dr. De’Andre L. Rucker Park.

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