Youth Sports Affiliates

The Dolton Park District has a couple community sports affiliates that serve as partners to offer a comprehensive youth sports program in our community. Please note: the youth sports affiliates are independent agencies that are neither an agent for nor under the direction of the Dolton Park District.

Dolton Bears Football and Cheerleading

Dolton Bears Football and Cheerleading program aspires to be an excellent educational and athletic organization that provides to every athlete. While aiming to be very competitive, our programs are determined to teach the value of team and the importance of family. We stand apart by being highly successful without sacrificing sportsmanship, character or integrity. We uplift and empower our athletes by providing the following:

  • that our athletes are coached using the principles of positive coaching
  • that our kids have fun at practice and games
  • that our kids feel like an important part of the team regardless of performance.
  • that our kids learn s “Life lessons” that have value beyond the playing field
  • that our kids learn the skills, tactics and strategies of the game and improves as a player

We recognize that our coaches are the people who are directly involved with upholding the standards we as an organization have set forth. It is our goal to provide every coach with the tools to succeed as a Positive Coach. We are committed to making sure that our coaches, parents, fans and athletes work together in upholding our mission.

Don’t Stop Don’t Quit!!!

For information, email thedoltonbears@gmail.com.

Dolton Riverdale Little League

The Dolton Riverdale Little League is a non-profit, parent-run organization designed to prepare kids for organized team play for ages 4 – 16 years old, We have the desire to make a difference in the lives of the children within our communities, by improving and developing their social and physical skills both on and off the field.

Our mission is to provide basic baseball fundamentals, such as throwing, fielding, hitting, catching, and base running. These fundamentals are the core of our program and we are here to help our players unlock, and achieve their full baseball potential. Our camp classes and instructional league will build confidence, reinforce team play, teach cooperation, and help foster a real love for the game? Our philosophy is to have fund, build confidence, and learn baseball, in that order.

For information, email doltonriverdale2018@yahoo.com.

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