Park Board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Allen T. Sheard Administration Building, 721 Engle Street, Dolton, unless otherwise posted. Special Meetings may be called with a minimum of 48 hours public notice.  Emergency meetings may be called at any time, as needed.

We recommend that you check the website or call 708-841-2111 to confirm dates/times for the most current meeting agenda. Meetings are open to the public, and comments are welcome during the designated Public Comment period.

Community Participation

The Board of Commissioners welcomes public comments during all meetings. During this time, the Board President will open the floor and acknowledge those desiring to speak and the individual will be required to provide their name prior to speaking.  Early arrival is encouraged if commenting, a form is required to be filled out upon arrival and will stop being accessible at the start of the meeting. Public comment is encouraged and appreciated. Apart from public hearings, this is the only opportunity for the public to address the Board on agenda items. To accomplish all business on the agenda and be respectful of everyone’s time, Board members will not be able to engage in dialogue with individual members of the audience and no immediate action will be taken on any public comment issue.

  1. Public comments sign in form must be completed before speaking.
  2. Public comment is limited to three minutes per speaker. As a reminder, there are other channels to connect, such as our community forums, personal discussions, “connect with the community,” a form on your website, surveys, etc.
  3. No speaker may convey or donate his or her time to another speaker.
  4. Comments shall always be courteous and respectful.
  5. No person may use public comment for the purpose of a campaign or advertisement.
  6. This is not a question-and-answer time and Board members cannot engage in conversation with the public.
  7. Questions and concerns about operations should be addressed to the Executive Director throughout the month.
  8. The presiding officer has the responsibility for enforcing these rules and may change the order of speakers so that testimony is heard in the most logical groupings.
  9. Staff will note any questions from the public during the meeting and later will provide responses at a different.

Upcoming Meeting Date & Agenda

The upcoming Park Board of Commissioners Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for May 21, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Allen T. Sheard Administration Building, 721 Engle Street, Dolton, IL 60419. The agenda will be posted at the District’s facilities at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

If you would like to email your comment ahead of time, email Board Secretary at meetings@doltonparkdistrict.org with comments for the record by 3:00pm of the meeting date. In the subject line, please list the meeting date.

Dolton Park District Annual Board Meeting Public Notice and Agenda May 21 2024

Click link to join the Board Meeting through Microsoft Teams.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Park Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes are taken at each Board Meeting and then reviewed and approved at the following Board Meeting. A copy of the minutes for Park Board meetings can be obtained by contacting the Dolton Park District administrative office at 708-841-2111, or by clicking on the appropriate link below.

For meeting minutes prior to 2022, visit the Board Meeting Archives.

Current Year Minutes

Meeting DateAgendas | Minutes
Special Board Meeting January 16, 2024 Cancelled Download Agenda | Download Minutes
Regular Board Meeting February 6, 2024 Download Agenda | Download Minutes
Regular Board Meeting March 5, 2024 Download Agenda  
Regular Board Meeting April 2, 2024 Download Agenda  
Regular Board Meeting May 7, 2024  
Committee of the Whole Board Meeting May 21, 2024 Download Agenda  
Committee of the Whole Board Meeting June 18, 2024  
Committee of the Whole Board Meeting July 16, 2024  
Committee of the Whole Board Meeting August 20, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting June 4, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting July 2, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting August 6, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting September 10, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting October 1, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting November 12, 2024  
Regular Board Meeting December 3, 2024  
Dolton Park District Committee of the Whole Board Meeting Minutes October 18, 2022  

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